Independent Status Reports (11 April, 2005)
By Brian King

Firefox is still in the ascendency. One guage is to look at the number of books just published or in the pipeline about Firefox. Some of these books are targetted to the end user, but some certainly contain useful information for the extension author. At, we are averaging about 2-3 new project requests every day, and this number will likely rise as the knowledge on how to make extensions spreads. In this months reports, there are some projects that we haven't seen here before (Petname Tool, russkey) and the return of an old favourite (Googlebar).

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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MozManual - v1.+

(Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users)

For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Just out: Ukrainian translation now available.

Googlebar - 0.9.5/0.9.91+

(Bringing the Google Toolbar to Mozilla)

For: Mozilla, Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

In the past year, development has been a bit slow- but on the other hand, two of our members are new fathers and a third is a new husband. Lately, however, there's been a lot of new work on the project lately, mostly thanks to talented team member Robert Fernandes. As a result, we released version 0.9.5 a few weeks ago, our first "official" release in more than a year, and work has now brought us all the way up to version This contains a total cleanup of our codebase and many bugfixes from the 0.8 and 0.9.3 releases that people were using previously. Our default stylesheet has also been rewritten- this will break themes that skin the Googlebar, but they can be easily fixed by changing the theme to match our new style IDs, and we think that removing theme and extension conflicts is worth it. On the administrative side, we are looking to add a user forum soon to replace our outdated feedback pages- see below for information on this and other ways you can get involved with the project.

Notable Highlights

Plans for the future

We're recruiting!

As a last note, we've noticed that there are a few new projects out there, like the GooglebarLite, that modify the Googlebar. This is great news, but if you do find a way to fix a common bug, please let us know about your side project personally! Our free time is rare, and we'd rather not kick ourselves later for spending hours duplicating your work... the project depends on the efforts of volunteers to move forward.

Petname Tool - v0.6

(Name your online relationships to avoid phishing attacks)

For: Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Need help avoiding phishing and spoofing attacks? The petname tool can help you keep it all straight by clearly distinguishing your online relationships.

Telling the difference between a spoof and the real thing can be as simple as:


InFormEnter - v 0.2.3

(Helper for form filling in semi-automatic mode)

For: Firefox

Platform: Windows

New version published.


PasswordMaker - 0.4.1

(Why use the same password over and over again when there's PasswordMaker?)

For: Firefox, Mozilla

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Why remember dozens of passwords when there's PasswordMaker? Now you only need to remember a "master" password, but you can generate the same, unique password for any website over and over again using any of 7 hash algorithms and 9 different levels of l33t speak For added security, nothing is stored anywhere or sent over the internet. There's even an on-line version for when you don't have access to Firefox.

v0.4.1 was released on April 8 2005.

Notable Highlights

Caminol10n - 0.8.3

(Localization of a fast and native Mac OS X browser based on Gecko)

For: Camino

Platform: Mac OSX

Camino 0.8.3 has been released, also as an international multilingual package.

Notable Highlights

Calendar Help - 0.4

(Help documentation for Calendar and Sunbird)

For: Mozilla Suite, Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

New chapters on basic tasks and advanced customization have been added, in a restructuring of the text. An experimental online version now provides access to the help for readers who don't want to install the extension.

Notable Highlights

Russ Key - 0.3.1

(Type in phonetic Russian and transform translit into Cyrillic)

For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

The extension is usable in FF/Mozilla for typing in Cyrillic with different keyboard layouts/transforming translit into Russian. In Thunderbird the extension can be used to transform translit in any window/form and to use Cyrillic for typing in any window/form except of the compose-window main text area, which does not behave like any other window for some reason. Trying to figure out why.

Notable Highlights

InfoRSS - 0.8.7

(RSS feed in the status bar)

For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird,

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX,

Notable Highlights

  1. Multimedia support with enclosure tag : podcasting, ...
  2. Better cohabitation with other extensions
  3. Improve in fade in/out
  4. Pause scrolling when mouse over headlines
  5. Resize headlines bar in static mode
  6. Drag and drop a feed onto a group in the menu
  7. Mark all current headlines as "read" at once
  8. Improve HTML Parser
  9. Sort feed/group menu in option dialog
  10. Swedish update
  11. Edit icon's URL
  12. Cycling feeds within a group
  13. Unconstrained value for # of item and # of char/item
  14. Netscape 7.2 compatibility

bayesjunktool - 0.2.1

(Analyzes bayesian spam data)

For: Mozilla, Thunderbird

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

The project has a new maintainer and has made a maintenance release (0.2.1) to address issues with Java 5.0.

Flashblock - 1.3.1

(Blocks flash content from showing on webpages)

For: Mozilla, Firefox, Camino, K-Meleon

Platform: All

Lots of new stuff.

New in 1.3.1:

Previously on Ghost in the Shell the Tachikomas get new flashblock abilities:

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