Independent Status Reports (11 October, 2004)
By Brian King

New extensions are popping up all the time, both on and in other places. The variety is enormous, with everything from developer tools to ftp clients to weather and time add-ons. There is almost something for everyone. However, if you have a great idea that has not been implemented yet, there are plenty of resources to get you on your way. A good place to start is Jed Brown's 'Converting Firefox 0.8 Extensions to the new 0.9/0.10 API'. Here you will find a breakdown of all files needed to package up your extension, from the install.rdf packaged with the XPI, to the update.rdf file that lives on the server for the Extension Manager to check for a later version of your extension. It is also worth reading through the 'Application Extensions' pages for Firefox on There is vital information there on extension versioning, update and compatibility. These documents take away the mystery from Mozilla extension writing. And don't forget to head over to to grab the latest and greatest for your daily needs!

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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cuneAform - 0.3.0 ENHANCED

(The Community Built Editor that Anyone Can Use)

For: Mozilla, Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

cuneAform now has a Firefox 0.9+ compliant installer. We are also a community based project now and we are looking for developers and contributers.

Notable Highlights

Gnusto - v0.7.0

(Interpreter for Z-machine games)

For: Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

v0.7.0 is the first Gnusto point release in a while, so lots of new content has gone in.

Notable Highlights

MozManual - v1+

(Mozilla Manual - Introduction to Mozilla)

For: Mozilla

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX,

Web version in French is now available. This is a very well done version using CSS.


purgecontrol - v0.2b

(Protect important emails from being accidentally deleted)

For: Thunderbird

Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS X

purgecontrol is an extension for TB which allows to control Shift-Delete shortcut behaviour. A minor bug is fixed and version v0.2b can now be downloaded.


(Localization for Camino: Gecko-based browser for Mac OS X)

For: Camino

Platform: MacOSX

We delivered Camino 0.8.1 multilanguage, the first release made with a tentative QA routine. We are also trying to get more l10n teams in: we have Portuguese and Polish in the works. Also, Spanish/Castellano, which was missing from the 0.8.1 release, has recovered and is now distributed as standalone installer.

Notable Highlights

Mozilla Archive Format - 0.4.2

(Mozilla Archive Format)

For: Mozilla, Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux

Now mostly component service based. MHT Handling 99.99% standards compatible and more locales are included by default.

Notable Highlights

OutSidebar - v0.8

(Expands all sidebars to the left of browser to avoid content area resize.)

For: Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux

The initial release of OutSidebar is out!

Notable Highlights

HONcode Status v1.4 - HONlookup v1.3

(Collection of Mozilla / Netscape plugins for HON)

For: Mozilla Firefox

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX,

New version of the extensions are now compatible with Firefox 1.0PR


Mail Redirect - 0.1.7

(allow to redirect [a.k.a. bounce] mail messages to others)

For: Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail

Platform: all

MailRedirect tries to squash bug #12916.

Notable Highlights:

Upcoming Features:

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