Independent Status Reports
By Brian King

The Status Reports have taken a new form this time, and we hope to run with it if the feedback is positive. The main noticable difference is convenient access to Install, Contact and Version information in a "Quick Access toolbar" under each project title.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, or have any feedback on the structure if the reports in general, feel free to contact me.

MozManual (A Manual for First Time Users - a brief overview and feature guide)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Kevin Quiggle || Version : 0.5

Mozquery (Mozilla RDF Query Engine)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Daniel Fournier || Version : 0.1

Mozquery initial release provides the 1st set of tools planed to be included in the project package: ASRDF, an RDF graph terse notation grammar and XML syntax converter, for RDF coding based on the outliner paradigm.
This release is stable but considered beta: before freezing ASRDF grammar and converter functionalities, we would like to integrate any useful suggestions from users

Deepest Sender (A LiveJournal client for Mozilla and Firebird)
Home Page || Install || Contact : David Murray || Version : 0.3.1

Development is coming along nicely, with editing of old entries being the latest addition. LiveJournal has now listed it on their downloads page too.

Mycroft (Provides a rich collection of search plugins for mozilla-based browsers)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Erich 'Ricky' Iseli || Version : n/a

We currently have an amazing list of 582 search plugins, ranging from to, in the categories "Academic" to "Tech news" and for 24 languages (from Chinese to Turkish). In addition, we now have an XPI letting you install the top 30 plugins in one shot. Try it out!
Two of our project members, Mat and Julius have initiated searchsidebar (a port of the mozilla search sidebar to a firebird extension). We are excited about this announcement and wish them happy coding!

Preferential (GUI interface to view & edit all Mozilla prefs)
Home Page || Install || Contact : GuruJ || Version : 0.6

Documentation for over 650 Mozilla preferences can now be located at the Preferential project site.

MessageID-Finder (Finds the corresponding message to a message ID)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Markus Hossner || Version : 1.9.1

MessageID-Finder is a addon for the Mozilla mail/news-client (also for Thunderbird) that helps you to find the message to a certain message ID. You could use it within message view, source view and message header.
Version 1.9.1 has been released and includes:

ieview (Allows pages or links to be opened for viewing in Internet Explorer)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Paul Roub || Version : 0.6

I use Mozilla 99.99% of the time, but there are those moments -- particularly when testing new pages, or when viewing that rare IE-only page that's actually interesting -- when I need to see what things look like in IE.
Currently Windows-only.

Searchsidebar (Bringing advanced searching capability back to life for Firebird users)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Matthew A. McGuigan || Version : 0.1

The installer is ready, now anyone can add the Advanced Search Sidebar to their Firebird installation! Enjoy:

Bugs outside of those existing for the Mozilla suite: We are hoping to build interest in keeping Advanced Search alive. Anyone interested in helping with the project should contact the mailing list. Julius Ross has joined the project.

ConQuery (Context [URL, host, selected text and/or user prompt] sensitive web query interface extention)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Vasa Maximov || Version : 0.3a - first public release

ConQuery can be used for searching, blogging, translating and more - just with rightclick. HTTP POST/GET supported. There is also a road map for the project.

HON (Collection of Mozilla / Netscape plugins for HON)
Home Page || Install || Contact : Thierry Raguin || Version : HONcode Status v1.1 and HONlookup v1.1

The HON plugins project provides plugins reinforcing trustworthiness in the medical space through the Code of Conduct for health sites (HONcode) established by the Health On the Net Foundation. HONcode Status v1.1 and HONlookup v1.1 have been released. These new releases include slight changes in the display and some improvements in the algorithm of HONcode Status. The HONcodeHunt Sherlock plugin has also been updated on Mycroft.

Books ('Creating Applications With Mozilla' from O Reilly)
Home Page || Read || Contact : David Boswell || Version : n/a

After completing several chapters of the German translation, Andreas Halter is handing off this task to Philipp von der Born. Currently they are going through together what is done, and discussing various issues such as wording conventions. For the moment Andreas will be the interface between Philipp and CVS.
If anyone is interested in doing another translation, let us know.

Questions or comments not answered in the FAQ can be submitted from our feedback page.
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