Independent Status Reports
By David Boswell

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

ImageZoomer Update (An image zooming extension for Firebird)
by Diesel

Image Zoomer is a new extension for Mozilla Firebird hosted on mozdev that allows zooming in/out of images from the context menu. You can see a demo of the feature in action on the project site.

FastComponent Update (An easy to use template for creating a Mozilla extension)
by Pete Collins

If you want to create a mozilla/extensions module, Fast Component is the tool for you. It will quicken and make painless the process of creating all the required project stub and build files and get you on your way with an actual working XPCOM component in a few simple steps. To find out more about using Fast Component take a look at the How To documentation.

EditCSS Update (Extension to edit stylesheet in line)
by Pascal Guimier

EditCSS is a useful extension for web developpers and web designers, that works for MozillaFirebird. It allows you to edit current stylesheets of a page in line, and display the result as you type. It appears in a sidebar. The project is based on Jesse Ruderman's "Edit Style" bookmarklet, that has done the essential work. The Webpanel enhancer extension allows you to grab a link, a page or a HTML source into the sidebar for a temporary glimpse. Both projects are in early stage. Any contribution is welcome.

WebLinks Update (Create & share links)
by Biju G C

WebLinks is a facility to create, maintain and share Links (URLs like bookmarks). You may share the Links in a community, or among friends or just access it from different PCs. The Links you create will be under a virtual dir called UserDir. You can also interlink links or subdir on other UserDirs. This allows you to reduce the number of Links you have to create and maintain, if already that set of links are available at another UserDir. When you interlink and load UserDir on the Bowser client, interlinked links or a linked dir will appear as if it comes under your UserDir. See the "guest" UserDir in the demo, it use "weblinks" UserDir as a submenu. again "weblinks" uses "mozilla", "mozdev", "texturizer" etc. as its submenus.

MOJI Update (Lecture guides for kanji in Japanese web pages)
by Erwan Loisant

The MOJI project announces the first version of Rikaibar, a Mozilla Firebird extension. It provides two new toolbar buttons in the customization space, one to annotate a Japanese webpage for English speakers and one for Japanese to annotate an English webpage. Both are using the service.

Firebird Help Update (Help Extension until finalized for actual build)
by R.J. Keller

Firebird Help 0.4 Beta has been released. This new release fixes lots of XHTML and CSS errors, includes added toolbar buttons, and has Customizable Toolbars. There was also lots of Firebird help content added by Nilson Cain and new toolbar button images that were supplied by Arvid. Help content was also updated to the latest Firebird nightly.

Also, anyone who wishes to distribute Firebird Help with a distribution of the browser will now have it easy to add a help menu! Firebird Help automatically obtains the product name from &brandShortName; of the Firebird DTD file, so no changing of the Firebird Help code is needed to add your brand name to Firebird Help. Something else added to the latest CVS code of Firebird Help adds the ability to build Firebird Help on the trunk. See the Building page on the Firebird Help website for build instructions.

Mozile Update (Inline editor for Mozilla)
by ronoc lapy

Mozile - in-browser editor for Mozilla - v0.5 was just released. It now let's you edit any XHTML construct within Mozilla from tables to inline images and is packaged as a Firebird extension or as in-page Javascript. Please try using it to edit your XHTML pages and report any bugs that you may find.

Bitflux Editor Update (Browser based XML Editor)
by Christian Stocker

The Next Generation browser based XML Editor "Bitflux Editor" has been released as an Alpha Sneak Preview. This is a completely rewritten version, based on mozile. It has a lot of new features and enhancements: Relax NG validation, native XHTML support, ease integration into a CMS, source edit mode, WebDAV Support, etc. While there are still some known bugs and missing features, it's certainly worth checking out. Any feedback is very welcome.

Mozedit Update (Notepad like text editor extension for Firebird)
by Mark Bokil

Mozedit 0.1.1 preview has been released. The install is all in one file now and the JSLib dependencies have been removed, a new Edit in Mozedit option appears in the Mozilla Firebird tools menu to quickly edit local files, multiple document buffers are also supported, and the UI was redesigned.

jsBEEP Update (JavaScript implementation BEEP protocol (client))
by Raj Saini

jsBEEP is a client side implementation of the BEEP protocol in JavaScript. It is still in early alpha stage. You can get a copy of code from cvs. Look at the beep-test.js in cvs for usage of the library. This example have a echo profile implemented. You can can use the Echo Profile as a template for your own profiles.

jsBEEP is intended to be used with mozilla based stand alone applications. I am using it for Stock Trading client application. However it should also be possible to use it from mozilla browser for async, connection oriented interactions. For example, you can show the real time stock prices from a BEEP server updated on your web page tick by tick.

CardGames Update (A collection of patience/solitaire card games)
by Stephen Clavering

Cards 0.11.0 has just been released and includes:

Check out the project site to install the latest version.

Mycroft Update (Adding search engines to Mozilla)
by Erich 'Ricky' Iseli

Since last month, we've added more plugins, we had a big database crash from which we recovered, and which gave us the energy to check all the plugins. Now over 450 plugins are at your disposal. A bad regression in the latest Firebird nightlies breaks the function of adding search plugins. Mozilla developers are aware of that and are working on it. Read a more detailed status report on the mycroft website.

QuickNote Update (A notepad, Post-it like extension)
by Jed Brown

QuickNote 0.3.1 has been released. New in this version is:

Install the latest version and take a look at what's new.

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own searchengines)
by Eelco van Kuik

The NeedleSearch project has just released version 2.2. The main new feature in this release is "Multifield Search". This means that you can now use more fields in your search than just one. This is useful if you want to use it for i.e. a phone directory. Just type: Johnson;New York and the NeedleSearch Toolbar will launch the requested search.

The previous version included context entries too. With these, you can select text on a webpage and use the context menu to launch a new search. New locales have been added too, NeedleSearch is now available in 11 languages! Unix users will be pleased to know that the install script has been rewritten from the ground upwards. It now sets all the right permissions during install.

Quick Reply Update (QuickReply extension for Thunderbird)
by Erwin Wessels

Quick Reply version 0.4 has been released and includes:

Download the latest release and give it a try.

Mozex Update (External programs integration)
by Tomas Styblo

Mozex 1.07 has been released and includes:

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