Independent Status Reports
By David Boswell

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

BookSync Update (Bookmarks on ftp server)
by Simon Santoro

BookSync is a batch file which permits the user to up/download his bookmarks to a ftp server, allowing the bookmarks to be shared on different computers with a click. There are currently similar projects on Mozdev, with more features and cross platform. But this one is small, easy and does what it has to do.

CardGames Update (A collection of patience/solitaire card games)
by Stephen Clavering

CardGames is a single extension that includes a number of card games for you to play. These include Aces Up, Gypsy, Klondike, Mod 3, Spider and Yukon. After installation and restart, you type /chrome://cards/content// in the location bar and away you go. Switching between games is easy from a menu bar, and features include undoing moves, hints, and choosing different levels of difficulty per game as it allows. The project has recently moved to mozdev, and version 0.9.0 has been released.

Bugxula Update (A XUL client for Bugzilla)
by Myk Melez

Bugxula is a client for Bugzilla installations. It aims to let you do everything you can currently do with the web-based Bugzilla interface and more with a rich user interface like that of a desktop or client-server application. Its current functionality includes defining and running searches, displaying search results, viewing individual bug reports, and saving searches. It comes pre-configured to support the and Bugscape (for Netscape/AOL employees only) installations, and it can be configured to work with any relatively recent Bugzilla installation (as well as some older installations that install the appropriate patches).

DailyComics Update (Get your daily dose of comics in moz based app)
by Jake Munson

DailyComics has released version 2.0. This version has some new comics, some help documentation, and best of all, the ability to add new comics. The user can also change the order in which the comics appear. The entire codebase was re-worked to accommodate these changes, and there are now no hard-coded comics. All the data for downloading each comic is stored outside of the program, so it can easily be viewed and/or updated."

Mozile Update (Inline editor for Mozilla)
by Ronoc Lapy

V0.42 of Mozile went out Sunday. It added support for editing blocks styled using "pre" as well as a new JSUnit based test suite that improves its stability and performance. There are over 100 tests. The goal is 2000 odd to make Mozile the most stable as well as the most standard means to edit XHTML.

Download Statusbar Update (Keep track of downloads in an autohide statusbar)
by Devon J

Download Statusbar is now available for Mozilla (Application suite). Also new subproject: Download Sort, inital release available.

Demiurge Update (Mozilla Application Development tool)
by Pete Collins

Here's the latest on Demiurge. Started implementing a new "engineer" miniwindow to enter element label name and id. Implemented highlight for the selected element. Created a browse toggle mode to view source code, documentation, keyboard shortcuts etc. For example pres "h" to hide tools, "b" to browse, "Ctl+u" to view the source code, "delete" to delete a selected element, "q" to quit. I will eventually implement a toolbar for users who like to click. Currently all these funcs are available via the apps main menu. The source code view displays the current xul tree as indented tags w/out attributes, the attributes are next. This application is a creative outlet for me and my focus remains on making it as intuitive, logical, and easy to use as possible. Latest Screen Shot.

Linky Update (Easy access to open links and pictures on webpages)
by Henrik Gemal

Here's the latest on Linky:

Get Linky 1.6.0 here.

Xprint Update (The X11 print system)
by Roland Mainz

Xprint version 008 released! The latest release includes:

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