The roadmap provides information about major enhancements planned for the site. These are not the only bugs that will be fixed, but this gives an overview of where the site is headed. You can also get information about recent site activity by subscribing to this Bugzilla feed. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this plan, feel free to contact us.

Priority Task Benefits
1st File upload using common protocols (scp, sftp, ftps, http, webdav, etc.) (bug#19442).

The file upload option addresses the needs of users who generally want the simple approach but occasionally need to upload a file or two (f.e. a video to display on a page or a presentation in PDF format) or who find CVS too confusing for managing a web site.

2nd Redesign site. The site hasn't changed since 2000 and it's time to re-evaluate the current look and feel and setup of the site.
Add code search (MXR 2096, 4618, 4706 or possibly OpenGrok 19619). This tool will make searching and browsing code (in all available repositories) easier.
3rd Build a Project Stats page (bug#124). This will give project-specific instead of merely site-specific stats for each project.
Centralized account management system (bug#17224). This will create a single location for users to modify and update their account and project information.
Add a light-weight bug tracking option (bug#18930). A simple interface for Bugzilla or a basic bug tracker would be useful for developers.
Add the Subversion revision control system. (bug#19490) Subversion is a popular system that can be easier to use than Mercurial and which some developers prefer.

Completed Tasks:

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