[xSidebar] CheckPlaces has been updated to v2.6.1, and is installable under SM through 2.5

Lewis G Rosenthal lgrosenthal at 2rosenthals.com
Sat Nov 19 11:36:19 PST 2011

Hi, Philip!

FYI: I just installed CheckPlaces from the developer's site 
(http://www.andyhalford.com/checkplaces/download.html) under SM 2.5b3, 
and it went off without a hitch. I don't know that you need to maintain 
a modified version any longer.


BTW, what is the procedure for submitting updated packages for modified 
extensions? I'm happy to share what I've tweaked to get my favorites 
installed under this build of SeaMonkey (most modified for maxVersion 
2.*, though AMO refuses to validate that syntax for SM).

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