[xSidebar] ScrapBook Add-Ons AutoSave, BackupHelper, CopyPageInfo

Maria Seliger maria_seliger at yahoo.de
Wed Nov 3 07:31:14 PDT 2010


i've just made the ScrapBook Add-Ons

    * AutoSave
    * BackupHelper
    * CopyPageInfo

compatible to Seamonkey with XSidebar and ScrapBook.

The original extensions were here:

Because these add-ons were not updated the last year, I'll make three 
"bumped" versions for Firefox and now for Seamonkey.

AutoSave and BackupHelper work like the original extension. The 
extension CopyPageInfo has a little more functions then the original 
extension to export elements to bibtex (JabRef).
By this version there are some bibtex fields supported. Therefore you 
can use CopyPageInfo to make a bibtex-file, which you can read and edit 
with JabRef.

%BIBLOCAL% : Special local file link for use in bibtex "file"-field (see 
%BIBMONTH% : Month, 3 characters, eg. dec
%BIBTITLE% : Special title for use in bibtex "file"-field (see example)
%BIBYEAR% : Year, number, eg. 2010

Example for using with JabRef:

title = {%TITLE%},
howpublished = {%SOURCE%},
file = {%BIBTITLE%:%BIBLOCAL%:text/html},
owner = {Enter your user name},
year = {%BIBYEAR%},
month = {%BIBMONTH%},
timestamp = {%DATE%},
url = {%SOURCE%},
note = {%ID%, %FOLDER%, %COMMENT%}

You find the there extensions now here:

If you have any problems with these extensions, please post in the forum 
Scrapbookfirefox (http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/scrapbookfirefox/) 
(in german or in english).

Greetings, Maria!

Blog: Mneme und Melete (http://mnemeundmelete.blogspot.com/)

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