[xSidebar] Help test Tagzilla 0.066.2 for SeaMonkey 2.0 and Thunderbird 3.0

KristleBawl KristleBawl at some.email
Sat Jan 16 22:42:29 PST 2010

KristleBawl expressed an opinion:
> Philip Chee expressed an opinion:
>> Hello Tagzilla fans.
>> I now have Tagzilla working in SeaMonkey 2.0 and Thunderbird 3.0. I
>> think everything is working including tag stealing but I need some brave
>> souls to help stress test this version.
>> <http://downloads.mozdev.org/xsidebar/mods/tagzilla-0.066.2.xpi>
>> Cheers.
>> Phil
> So far, so good! It correctly installed in both Fx 3.5.7 and Tb 3.0, the
> Steal function works in both programs, and the Preferences windows are
> not cut off like before.

After 12 hours of normal use, everything is working great. :-)

During that time, I Stole taglines with both Fx and Tb, manually added 
several, replaced some, and even selected a bunch for deletion, all as 
expected. I edited my Tagline Suffix, sorted and saved the list a few 
dozen times, switched between two tagline files, and even changed the 
settings to auto insert taglines without opening the window.

I'm using Windows Vista Basic SP2

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