[xSidebar] Help test Tagzilla 0.066.2 for SeaMonkey 2.0 and Thunderbird 3.0

Petr Voralek nazir.cz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 11:10:45 PST 2010


  On 01/16/2010 07:17 PM, *Philip Chee* wrote, and I quote (in part):

> I now have Tagzilla working in SeaMonkey 2.0 and Thunderbird 3.0. I
> think everything is working including tag stealing but I need some brave
> souls to help stress test this version.

  Everything seems to be fine (including stealing taglines out of the
mailnews window), thank you very much!

    Petr Voralek	(JabberID: nazir at jabber.cz)

 The only problem with troubleshooting is that sometimes trouble shoots

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