[xSidebar] Solved BUT ( was ...SeaMonkey 2 + Dictionary switcher 0.9 = incompatible extension)

Alfredo Fernández Díaz mrwarper at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 23 03:39:38 PST 2009


Philip Chee escribió:
> OK. It was a typo in the <em:id> for SeaMonkey in the install.rdf file.
> I've refreshed the link for Dictionary Switcher 0.9 mod on my modified
> extensions page. Please download again and try installing the refresh.
> <http://xsidebar.mozdev.org/modifiedmailnews.html#dictionaryswitcher>

Dictionary Switcher 0.9mod installs and seems to work now, BUT I noticed 
something very interesting... by mistake, I installed it before xSideBar, and it 
works exactly as well! I retrotested this on SM 1.1.14 as well with the same 

So, it seems xSideBar is not needed at all for Dictionary Switcher. In this 
cases, wouldn't it be easier to just send the author a patch to make the 
application compatible out of the box?

I did this for RikaiChan 1.0.something and the developer himself has kept the 
compatibility (Rikaichan v1.0.7 is SM 1.x/2 compatible) ever since, thus 
leveraging everyone else of that task.


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