[xSidebar] SeaMonkey 2 + xSideBar 1.1 + Dictionary Switcher 0.9 = incompatible extension

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 06:46:00 PST 2009

2009/11/21 Fernando Cassia <fcassia at gmail.com>:

> THis is perhaps related... and perhaps you could give a hand Phil...
> I've been trying to install Googlebar (googlebar.mozdev.org) on SM 2.0
> without success.
> It spits out something about the extension "not providing secure updates".
> It is not clear to me if it means that the extension is not installed over
> https// or that the extension does not provide a mechanism to auto check for
> updated versions.
> I tried hacking the .xpi modding the <maxversion> parameter to 1.9.x or 2.0
> and it doesn't make any difference.
> I am at a complete loss as to what is going on.

edit install.rdf look for a line like:
Delete that line. Save. etc.


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