[xSidebar] Help! Read mail disappears for good!

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 03:22:54 PDT 2008

On 31/05/2008, Thyme Wisper <twisper at thymewisper.com> wrote:

>  I installed xSearchbarT2 0.3 today.  I thought it was great until I
>  discovered that once I selected view 'unread', I could not ever view the
>  read messages again, even when I changed to view 'all'.  Frustrated I
>  uninstalled xSearchbarT2.  To my surprise, I still could not get my
>  unread messages.  What was worse, once I read a message, it disappeared
>  as well!  Yet this is only for the inbox in the account that I had
>  'tried out' with xSearchbarT2.  My other account worked as expected.
>  How do I get my 'read' messages back?  This is an urgent situation for
>  me. I cannot read my mail, because it will disappear!  Please respond.

What version of Thunderbird are you using by the way?

Hmm. Uninstalling xSearchbar should remove any and all changes.
Try this right-click on the toolbar at the top. Select "Customize"
and drag the "Mail Views" widget on to the toolbar or menubar.
Finish your customization and go to the Views widget now on your
toolbar. Select All. Does this work?


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