[xSidebar] Modified Greasemonkey

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 21:09:20 EDT 2006

On 15/06/06, Zephiris <zephiris at gmail.com> wrote:

> That was already done. I even cleared out the profile (again),
> but it still happens.

Could you explain what you mean by "cleared out the profile"?
Do you have more than one profile? In your SeaMonkey profile
directory there is a subdirectory called "chrome". There
should be a file there called "overlays.rdf". If you are
feeling brave enough you can edit this file (you will need
a text editor that can understand unix text files) and just
delete any line that contains the word "greasemonkey". Make
a backup of this file and put it somewhere safe first.

Otherwise you could email me this file and I'll have a look.
Make sure you are in the right profile directory if you
have multiple profiles:  <http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile>

Good luck.


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