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Jaisen Klaus Kühle j.kuhle at utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 12 11:32:47 EDT 2006

Hey again,

What I mean by it won't let me install is that when I load the page of a 
script and try to have it install the script from either the status bar, 
or from the tools drop down menu nothing happens as if I did not issue 
the command. It just stares blank at me and when I check greasemonkey, 
whose Icon does not appear in the status bar btw, it simply shows no 
scripts installed.


Philip Chee wrote:
> On 12/06/06, Jaisen Klaus Kühle <j.kuhle at utoronto.ca> wrote:
>> do you happen to know if the Greasemonkey extension works? i installed
> The latest version on my mods page ( *should* work
> assuming that you have full read/write access rights to your
> global SeaMonkey application directory:
> (e.g. Program Files/Seamonkey/)
>> it but it won't let me install a user script for embedded windows media.
>> Any ideas?
> Please elaborate on what you mean by "won't let me install".
> Any exact error messages would be useful.
> By the way can you cc your reply to the xsidebar mailing list?
> There are a couple of GM-on-SM users there who could help. I
> personally don't use GM beyond testing that it looks like it's
> working.
> Phil

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