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Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 23:20:20 EDT 2006

On 12/06/06, Jaisen Klaus Kühle <j.kuhle at utoronto.ca> wrote:

> do you happen to know if the Greasemonkey extension works? i installed

The latest version on my mods page ( *should* work
assuming that you have full read/write access rights to your
global SeaMonkey application directory:
(e.g. Program Files/Seamonkey/)

> it but it won't let me install a user script for embedded windows media.
> Any ideas?

Please elaborate on what you mean by "won't let me install".
Any exact error messages would be useful.

By the way can you cc your reply to the xsidebar mailing list?
There are a couple of GM-on-SM users there who could help. I
personally don't use GM beyond testing that it looks like it's


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