[Vimperator] Vimperator Digest, Vol 17, Issue 8

stanio at cs.tu-berlin.de stanio at cs.tu-berlin.de
Mon Aug 11 08:28:34 PDT 2008

* Jan Snyder <schlachthausfunf at gmail.com> [2008-08-11 17:13]:
> Maybe there is some way in
> terminal to move the cursor back in a kind of visual or super caret
> mode that allows keyboard browsing across the terminal buffer history.
> I don't know...

sounds exactly what screen features:

C-a ESC enters visual mode, where you
move around like in vim: C-d, C-u, j,k,l,h.

SPACE/Enter starts the selection and SPACE/ENTER ends the selection. 


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