[Vimperator] Feedback from Rohan

Rohan Mutagi rohan208 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 11:03:55 PDT 2007

Thanks a LOT for this excellent extension, great work! Now, along with
AdBlock and SessionManager this is another one of those extensions that  I
absolutely must have!!

 Some things:
- :sp :vsp
  (I saw it mentioned in the TODO. Absolutely incredible for all us wide
screen users. I am eagerly waiting for that)
-  since the plugin has just started out, i am expecting lots of changes in
the :help, would it be possible to have the changes in the help file come up
in blue or some way to make them stand out? just until the next set of
- Thanks for the "I" feature so soon, now I don't have to compose my gmail
in vim and copy paste it!
- Possible to have something like g+something? For instance,  g+h = go home
- Possible to tag bookmarks to some shortcut keys? Directory Opus (Windows
Explorer replacement) has that feature for browsing directory, and  I just
love that feature. ( I guess this one may be covered by the 'a-z markers,
not sure)
- Possible to have :bm folder and to have firefox list all the links in the

- Not sure if this is a bug, but :bm <expression> doest seem to search the
bookmarks in my BookMark toolbar...

Thats all for now and thanks a lot for this amazing extension! Considering
its so new, I am hardly finding any inconsistencies in behavior across the
sites that I visit. Great work!

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