[Synckolab] how can I help?

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Sat Mar 20 04:15:29 PDT 2010

On 03/20/2010 11:48 AM, Jochen Staerk wrote:
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> Ho,
>>> The configuration bug: ------------------------
>>> When you install synckolab, the initial set up asks where which IMAP
>>> folders to use for which thunderbird/lightning feature and while the
>>> first feature, at least in the german translation, is labelled correctly
>>> 'persönliches Addressbuch', the following two wizard pages ask for the
>>> IMAP folder of 'Privat' instead of Kalender respectively Aufgaben.
>> oh. I will have a look at that.
> any findings already?
Nope - I was busy with fixing other defects and am on the finishing line 
for mailing lists. I also kinda forgot about that. can you please open a 
defect in bugzilla. It's easier to keep track there.
>> Try installing the nightly on tb2.
> The nightly the homepage calls 13-03-2010 claims it is incompatible with
> my tb (20100228). I tried which seems to have
> sychroniyed correctly (run throgh, no obvious errors) but interestingly,
> if I say extras|synckolab einstellungen and I select Kontakt, Kalender
> or Aufgaben, the tree "Verzeichnisse" is always empty -- I would have
> expected to see my IMAP folders there, I assume it has taken the
> configuration from my previous synckolab.
It tries to take the configuration - best to do a clean setup and remove 
all references to synckolab from your prefs.js
>> If you use xml it should work. I
> What do you mean with if you use XML?
The sync format - you can choose between xml and vcard/ical there.
>> really want to remove support for tbird2, but right now it should still
>> be possible. On the other hand I strongly suggest to upgrade to tbird3.
>> I am guessing you are using the old ubuntu LTS - but even there you can
>> easily install tbird 3 if you use the version directly from mozilla.
> I am using Windows 7 on 3 computers, 2 of them with tb3.
> Please consider that I might want to upgrade to tb3 as much as you want
> me to but the reason why I still have use a TB2 is that I need at least
> one computer to synchronize with my kolab server which I do not consider
> stable in TB3 with some nightly build that might break the other day.
 From the reports I got the current nightly seems to be quite stable - 
as long as you dont use mailing lists in your address book (should be 
finished today or tomorrow)
> That is the reason why I keep testing synckolab and it was the reason
> why I offered money for a stable version in the first place.
> More precisely, we have three companies (usegroup.de=at least one win7
> requires kolab, otb-it.de=three linux boxes require kolab and
> knicken.net=four macs and one PC require kolab connectivity) eager to
> migrate to TB3 -- only usegroup.de can not recommend it's partners to
> change some obscure settings in a config file and ask them to install a
> experimental nightly build.
True - the final build should be there latest end of the week. so just 
wait a little longer.
> Sorry for bein harsh, actually thank you very much for developing and
> providing synckolab at all but as mentioned, I'd rather contribute to a
> stable version than using nightlies on productive systems where I have
> to guarantee that everything works.
> Should we e.g. keep a copy of the 03-13 nightly in case we need a new
> workstation to be set up -- or would we use the current nighly of that
> day and how likely will we be able to rely on it?
You should definitely take the current nightly over previous ones. It's 
definitely the most stable one. Best to also check bugzilla for open 
defects. I normally close them when I release a new nightly.  There wont 
be any changes in the sync process - except for the mailing list 
support. If you don't need that, then the current nightly is as complete 
as it gets. I would still test it out first one one machine and 
obviously make backups, but since I did not get any new defects in 
bugzilla for quite a while I am pretty confident that it works fine (+ 
it passed all tests I conducted).

> Thank you and kind regards,
> Jochen

If you want to help then the best thing to do is test the current 
nightly and report any bugs you find. And if everything checks out, tell 
the mailing list.


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