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Jochen Staerk jstaerk at usegroup.de
Sat Mar 20 03:48:57 PDT 2010

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>> The configuration bug: ------------------------
>> When you install synckolab, the initial set up asks where which IMAP
>> folders to use for which thunderbird/lightning feature and while the
>> first feature, at least in the german translation, is labelled correctly
>> 'persönliches Addressbuch', the following two wizard pages ask for the
>> IMAP folder of 'Privat' instead of Kalender respectively Aufgaben.   
> oh. I will have a look at that.

any findings already?

> Try installing the nightly on tb2. 
The nightly the homepage calls 13-03-2010 claims it is incompatible with
my tb (20100228). I tried which seems to have
sychroniyed correctly (run throgh, no obvious errors) but interestingly,
if I say extras|synckolab einstellungen and I select Kontakt, Kalender
or Aufgaben, the tree "Verzeichnisse" is always empty -- I would have
expected to see my IMAP folders there, I assume it has taken the
configuration from my previous synckolab.

>If you use xml it should work. I
What do you mean with if you use XML?

> really want to remove support for tbird2, but right now it should still
> be possible. On the other hand I strongly suggest to upgrade to tbird3.
> I am guessing you are using the old ubuntu LTS - but even there you can
> easily install tbird 3 if you use the version directly from mozilla.

I am using Windows 7 on 3 computers, 2 of them with tb3.

Please consider that I might want to upgrade to tb3 as much as you want
me to but the reason why I still have use a TB2 is that I need at least
one computer to synchronize with my kolab server which I do not consider
stable in TB3 with some nightly build that might break the other day.

That is the reason why I keep testing synckolab and it was the reason
why I offered money for a stable version in the first place.

More precisely, we have three companies (usegroup.de=at least one win7
requires kolab, otb-it.de=three linux boxes require kolab and
knicken.net=four macs and one PC require kolab connectivity) eager to
migrate to TB3 -- only usegroup.de can not recommend it's partners to
change some obscure settings in a config file and ask them to install a
experimental nightly build.

Sorry for bein harsh, actually thank you very much for developing and
providing synckolab at all but as mentioned, I'd rather contribute to a
stable version than using nightlies on productive systems where I have
to guarantee that everything works.

Should we e.g. keep a copy of the 03-13 nightly in case we need a new
workstation to be set up -- or would we use the current nighly of that
day and how likely will we be able to rely on it?

Thank you and kind regards,
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