[Synckolab] Multiuser setup with SyncKolab 1.0.4 and Kontact (bis)

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Wed Mar 3 08:43:01 PST 2010

On 03/03/2010 05:16 PM, Xavier Hourcade wrote:
> Hi Erin,
>> I misread the original message [...]
> No worries, thank you for this contribution again.
>> If I have time, I'll play with task sync and see what I can come up 
>> with.
> With hope, this feedback would be very helpful to us (at least ^^)
>> That said, I'd love to see the SyncKolab developer weigh in on these 
>> issues
>> as well as some of the outstanding bugs present in 1.0.x.. :)
> Seems busy - looking forward to such input as well.
> Xavier
> _


I was folling your discussion and I am working on it. Time just keeps 
slipping thru my fingers :)

I am currently rewriting some parts -especially to be compatible with 
current lighting and tbird again. I thought I could use the internal 
import/export functions for xml to get a better compatibility - 
especially when importing new contacts/tasks. It seems that that part is 
still pretty rough in tbird and in lightning - so bad luck there.

I did rewrite the whole structure and it seems fairly stable (at least 
for contacts). did not go to deep into lightning yet (see above) - but 
am about to tackle this task as well.

I am hoping to get everything done nicely pretty soon, but since the 
internal documentation of everything is quite lacking in certain 
critical points I don't really know when it will be stable.

So about the questions brought up by Xavier:

* Actually I there is no reason to keep tasks and events separated, what 
you should separate are global (shared) and local (your own). altough 
there is some code for public/private checking when sync.
* About the deployable configuration: synckolab does not care at all 
where the data is. its actually even possible to merge contact/calendar 
data (altough you REALLY should do that). So any constraints in folder 
structure are from the kolab (ie. kontact) side. The only thing thats 
really missing is an automatic way of figuring out the folders. Kontact 
(and actually the kolab standards) uses imap-annotations for that. 
unfortunately these are not supported by thunderbird (afaik).

please create a bug about the import and try to state what parts are 
imported fine and which ones are missing - shouldnt take long to fix it 
once I know whats going on

incoming server name:
I am actually using the baseMessageURI to figure out the account name. 
the problem is that the configuration (the prefs.js) seems to have a lot 
of problems with a few characters, thats why they are simply removed. 
This shouldnt be a problem since when getting the account again i am 
looping through all accounts and using the same string-fix when 
checking. it only becomes a problem when you have 2 similar accounts 
(ie. myAccount! and myAccount$ -> they would be the "same" based on the 
fix function).
Until now I never found any problem with this workarouond. It might only 
be that I forgot some special characters.

abook name:
the filename is unique, thats all what is needed. it shouldnt be a 
problem in most cases. If you need the description instead, please also 
open a bug for this. I think I can create a workaround that should allow 
both ways.

task always changes:
this should not happen. please open a bug and attach a few tasks that 
produce that behavior.
it probably is the same bug that reverts/mixes up tasks

Special characters in tasks:
same as above -if you find tasks which dont work in sync. please send 
them to me, so i can analyse whats going on and fix it.

Task format:
I am using plaintext here and overwriting the kontact info... I can 
change that to html, just send me a message how kontact creates it and I 
will check out if its doable.

I am greatful for the infos you posted, but please try using the 
bugzilla system instead of the mailing list. It is extremely hard to 
keep track of problems using a mailing list, but very easy in bugzilla 
(for all parties concerned).

I am trying to have synckolab as compatible with kolab as possible, 
which dont always work (especially between version upgrades).

Please try testing some more with current nightlies and make sure to use 
tbird3 and lightning1b. I want to quit supporting the old versions.

Hope this clarifies some questions.


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