[Synckolab] Multiuser setup with SyncKolab 1.0.4 and Kontact (bis)

Xavier Hourcade public.oss at xapaho.com
Wed Mar 3 05:36:19 PST 2010

Thanks Erin for your answer.

> Why not use Thunderbird, Lightning and SyncKolab on both Windows and Linux workstations?
> We use TB/Lightning and SyncKolab on Windows, Mac and Linux with no problems. 
> I will note that we're using them with a Citadel backend and not a plain
> vanilla IMAP server, although Citadel ends up functioning like one for us. 

I am facing most issues described (except no. 7 and 8), while I am only 
testing SyncKolab ...with itself.

The task bit is the very annoying one, since task change detection is 
just not correct.

Do you mean you do *not* have these issues at all ?

Does you Citadel store and serve tasks, in a way that SyncKolab's parser 
does *not* fail its comparisons ?


As per my 2 clients testing (SyncKolab and Kontact), I would add that it 
does not seem possible to delete, in Lightning, some task that were 
created in Kontact ^^

SyncKolab keeps reverting the task while synchronizing, canceling user 
deletion (it does not even try to delete it on the server, it just says 
"local add" at every sync).

> In fact, since they're all running the same software revs, it makes life much simpler.

Once I will get SyncKolab working correctly alone, I will look deeper 
into collaboration with other clients. I also posted a question here:


SyncKolab aims to comply with Kolab and claims to be, yet, compatible 
with other clients including Kontact. Even if there are undocumented but 
logical fields restrictions, that would be just fine.

How about heterogeneous work groups, and more simply, user convenience, 
user freedom ?

Myself I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird five years ago, and not 
only I still find it (more every year) a marvellous peace of software, 
with all these add-ons I use -- but I can also share most of its data 
across multiple OS (on a multi-boot system, including Window$), which is 
really precious to me. That's one of /my/ requirements.

Kontact also has its advantages in many aspects (starting with subtasks, 
but also contact management, IMAP handling, templates, to name a few). 
Clearly, for the majority of users in this work group, it is the best 
choice for /them/.

/Others/ are stuck to Window$ full-time, others are not, but those are 
also very happy with Thunderbird, which /did/ cost them a lot to learn 
in depth already. Kontact functionality won't justify a change, to them, 
even when it will reach the production-stable status on Window$.


The very same year Akonadi revolution starts spreading... should happy 
Kontact or Thunderbird users have to switch, "downgrade" from their 
point of view, in order to ...interoperate ? ^^

(Stay away, Trolly, stay away!)


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