[Synckolab] Problem with timing in calendar entries

Markus Knapp newsletter at markus-knapp.de
Tue Jul 20 02:15:58 PDT 2010


I've got exactly the same problem, as Peter discribes below.

Are there any solutions?

I use Thunderbird 3.0.4 with Lightning 1.0b2 and SyncKolab Nightly from
01. July 2010.
One on WinXP and one on Windows 7.

Sorry for new mail, I came to the list too late for an answer to the mail
of Peter.



[Synckolab] Problem with timing in calendar entries
Peter Nuhn pn8001 at itsn2.de 
Tue Jul 6 01:29:25 PDT 2010 

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I'm using Thunderbird 3.1 with Lightning 1.0b2 and SyncKolab Nightly
(downloaded yesterday evening) on WinXP 32 using Kolab 2.

With this configuration I created a calendar entry (info from IMAP entry):

Summary: XXXXX
Start date: 2010-07-08T07:00:00Z
End date: 2010-07-08T08:00:00Z


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<event version="1.0" >
 <product-id>Synckolab 1.5.1, Calendar Sync</product-id>
  <display-name>Aufgaben &amp; Termine</display-name>
  <smtp-address>aaa at bbb.de</smtp-address>

When I sync this entry by reading from the server I only can see an entry
in the calendar showing times from 09:00 to 09:00 (CEST=GMT+02:00). It
seems that the end time is not recognized correctly.


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