[Synckolab] Multiuser setup with SyncKolab and Kontact (bis)

Xavier Hourcade public.oss at xapaho.com
Wed Feb 24 10:26:35 PST 2010

Hi again,

May I add a few precisions and more findings if it can help (and if 
anyone can help me ^^) :

> So here are the clients and versions, as recommended for production as 
> of today :
> - Thunderbird (Lightning 0.9, SyncKolab 1.0.4) on Window$.
> - Kontact 4.3.2 (KAddressBook 4.3, Korganizer 4.3.2) on Ubuntu

To be accurate, the version of SyncKolab we are trying is
(latest "stable" available today)

And Kontact 4.4 on Fedora 12 is also on the way, will share eventual 
differences while testing exchanges with SyncKolab, if anyone's interested ?

> 4) Tasks change detection
> =========================
> Consecutive task syncing by SyncKolab keeps detecting changes on all 
> tasks :
> - while it is the only client accessing the shared IMAP folders
> - while no change were made to any task in the mean time
> The dialogue keep showing updates in all cases (either server or local), 
> the task list is "blinking" indeed during the sync, while some tasks are 
> being "updated" with identical copies, and others are announced to be 
> "updated on server".
> Not a big deal I guess, besides it is time consuming.

I came to a point where /most/ tasks (about 75%) are always re-uploaded 
to the server ("update on server") while they were still not changed.

The remaining quarter is correctly detected as "no change", but I could 
not figure out any difference between both "groups" of tasks! For 
exemple, one which gets updated is "test task admin" and one that does 
not is "test task web". Neither is using more than the title field. They 
belong to different calendars, each containing tasks of the other 
"group" (change wrongly detected or not).

As per the situation when 2 clients are involved (SyncKolab and 
Kontact), changes in these tasks from Kontact /sometimes/ get 
persistent, but sometimes get reverted by SyncKolab, and this is a BIG deal.

> 7) Task format
> ==============
> (not strictly a SyncKolab issue, has anyone faced the same ?)
> Kontact saves task contents as an HTML fragment. SyncKontact then 
> retrieves the code as plain text, which is then displayed as-is in 
> Lightning's task form. Not really usable ^^
> Is there any way/setting/add-on to get Gecko rendering this HTML in 
> Lightning ?
> Or downgrade Kontact's format to plain text ?

Disabling the "rich text formatting" is possible in Kontact's task 
editor. Hopefully it is persistent so a recommendation for the User NOT 
to use it, could be a workaround (until Lightning supports it, being 
able to disable the feature in Kontact would be safer).


If a Lightning user is attaching a URL to the task, Kontact users won't 
see it and it seems to bring "hidden" conflict issues (dialogue in 
Kontact, no apparent change, no solution I could find beside removing 
the attached URL in Lightning, and store it in the "location" or in the 
task body).

If a Kontact user is assigning someone to the task, then Lighning will 
see it correctly, but edition won't be permitted (read-only).

8) Contact format

Adding a "Role" under Kontact is fine... Lightning just won't see it.
The "Role" is not deleted thou, even after changes in Lightning.

Setting phone numbers with labels "Work", "Work Fax" and "Mobile" in 
Lightning, will give in Kontact "Work", "Home" and "Work" respectively, 
with "Home" (the intended "Work Fax") being displayed first.


Kontact being (to my understanding) Kolab's client first choice, I 
/assume/ it is respecting Kolab's data models, is this right ?
In which case, all these issues would also appear with Kolab server ?


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