[Synckolab] z-push and synckolab?

Gregor Nathanael Meyer Gregor at der-meyer.de
Thu Aug 5 17:19:01 PDT 2010

Hi Niko,

> for android there is work being done right now (kolabdroid) to sync
> contacts and calendar. Additionally, if you have horde as webmail
> client, there is a syncml server component that you can use to sync your
> phone.

I didnt see any progress with kolab-droid in the last months, hoping for 
progress until I buy my next phone. :) Unfortunately my brother has a 
Palm Pre and I was looking for a sync solution, which doesn't involve 

> About the z-push component: If it is implemented using impa folders,
> then yes, it will should be compatible with synckolab - even without a
> kolab server. I tried looking at the code real quick to give you a more
> in-depth information, but unfortunately there does not seem to be any
> code on sf.net

Oh yes, sorry. I mixed this up with another z-push/Kolab connector 
(http://wiki.kolab.org/index.php/Z_push) which has some code to look into.

> Basically all you need to support kolab is:
> * read mails from an imap folder
> * parse xml-attachment based on the definition written on kolab.org

I had a quick look and it turned out to be a PHP class (kolab.php) with 
some Kolab-specific features like LDAP lookup. Quite not sure if all 
this Kolab stuff can be easily ignored or stripped. Despite this, the 
class seems to use an IMAP folder, so it should work in principle.

I installed z-push on an Ubuntu testserver with its bundled VCard 
backend and synced my Windows Mobile phone. This worked straightaway, 
impressive. The only thing to do would be stripping out the LDAP and 
other needles parts of the class and implement a small user management 
of any kind (or hardcode the setting for one single user). Perhaps one 
could ask the z-push people for such a stripped version. I know so many 
people using Thunderbird/Lightning, who want to sync them (both) with 
their smartphone without Google.


P.S. Those are all Kolab-specific config items for z-push. Maybe there 
are other patches applied to the bundled z-push, but I don't think so. 
If not, the Kolab.php seems to implement the whole Kolab backend for z-push.

     // The data providers that we are using (see configuration below
     $BACKEND_PROVIDER = "BackendKolab";

     define('KOLAB_SERVER', '@@@ldap_uri@@@');
     define('KOLAB_IMAP_OPTIONS', '/notls/norsh');
     define('KOLAB_IMAP_PORT', 143);

     //  0 = FlatMode
     //  1 = FolderMode
     //  2 = try to determine the mode
     // define which mobile support foldermode
     // this list is checked if KOLAB_MODE is set to 2
     //folders by default if annotation is not found
     // possiblename1:possiblename2: ......
     //if no folders found the last found will be the default
     // If 1: shared folders will be read-only, even if the user have 
rights on it

     // Logfile

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