[Synckolab] A few Bugs

Christian Vetter AureusPhoenix at online.de
Sun Apr 19 05:55:47 PDT 2009

Hi, I installed SyncKolab yesterday and I recognised a few problems.
First, SyncKolab deleted the settings of my categories. Second, when 
SyncKolab compares the Serverdata and the data on my PC it identifies 
changes where no changes are. So the synchonisation-process needs lots 
of time. And the last thing which I absolutly do not understand is, that 
SyncKolab deletes only one special date which I have weekly.

I hope that the Bugs will be fixed as soon as possible.
SyncKolab is a pretty good Add-on!

Greetings ... Christian Vetter

PS: A little suggestion: A option for automatic synchonisation on start 
and close of Thunderbird would be a very good thing.
PPS: Sorry for my more or less bad english!

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