[Synckolab] Interoperability with Microsoft IMAP

Sergey Koulik skoulik at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 07:02:54 PST 2008

Hi Niko,

Thanks for quick response.
Please take a look at attachment.
I have created 1 recurrent calendar item in my calendar using MS Exchange
web interface.
After that I opened calendar folder via thunderbird IMAP account and stored
the item.
After that I, again thru web interface, invited myself to the event and
received the invitation via thunderbird pop3 account, and stored the item
with .pop suffix
Please let me know if you need me other things to try.
And thanks a lot :)


On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 3:52 AM, Niko Berger <niko.berger at corinis.com> wrote:

> Sergey Koulik wrote:
> > Hi Niko,
> >
> > I have been tracking evolution of your extension for a long time.
> > My problem is that organization I work at is tied to Microsoft's
> > solutions namely microsoft exchange server and outlook.
> > I've being used thunderbird and I always missed server-side
> > calendaring functionality.
> > Your extension is promising for my needs. It works somehow for
> > microsoft's IMAP server, but not very satisfactory.
> > Please take a look at attached screenshots - you'll see problem with
> > events/tasks titles. They are not recognized by microsoft's products.
> > I use latest nightly build to test.
> > I understand that you are focusing on other problems now, but this
> > thing is a really must have at least for me. I can do additional
> > testing and provide needed information - just drop a line to me.
> >
> > --
> > Sincerely,
> > Sergey Koulik
> Hi Sergey,
> Since I do not own a Exchange license, I cant really help you there too
> much. I don't know what format exchange/outlook require for the
> icals/vcards in order to be recognized. Thats also the main flaw of the
> ical/vcard format - it defines the structure, but not the vocabulary
> (actually kinda similar to the current discussion about the Ms-ooxml
> document format discussion going on).
> Maybe this is only a small problem with mail headers or something like
> that. What you could do is to get some mails together that are
> recognized by outlook/exchange and send me these messages as
> attachments. Then I can have a look at the mail structure and maybe find
> something that will help with this problem.
> niko

Sergey Koulik
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