[Synckolab] Synchronize mobile phone

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Sun Mar 2 13:52:48 PST 2008

Michael Jaeger schrieb:
> Dear all,
> I just tested the wonderful synckolab extension (the nightly build) and
> it seems to work pretty well.  I was using jpilot before and I am now
> about to switch to Thunderbird/Lightning with all my addresses, dates
> and todos. 
> I really like the idea of saving all this data in an IMAP folder. 
> However, I am now thinking about how to synchronize my mobile phone with
> the data stored on my mail server.  Has anybody heard of any project
> working in this direction?  Or is anybody interested in starting a
> project for implementing a server component with a (syncml-)interface
> which can be accessed from mobile phones, PDAs and other devices?
> Best regards,
> Michael.
actually, you could use horde webmail on the server. There are modules 
that read kolab messages + you can export them using syncml
I think thats what you want. Also check out the kolab project 


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