[Synckolab] Synchronize mobile phone

Michael Jaeger michael.jaeger at in-flux.de
Sun Mar 2 07:26:59 PST 2008

Dear all,

I just tested the wonderful synckolab extension (the nightly build) and
it seems to work pretty well.  I was using jpilot before and I am now
about to switch to Thunderbird/Lightning with all my addresses, dates
and todos. 

I really like the idea of saving all this data in an IMAP folder. 
However, I am now thinking about how to synchronize my mobile phone with
the data stored on my mail server.  Has anybody heard of any project
working in this direction?  Or is anybody interested in starting a
project for implementing a server component with a (syncml-)interface
which can be accessed from mobile phones, PDAs and other devices?

Best regards,

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