[Synckolab] Calendar parsing error

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Sat Mar 1 10:48:55 PST 2008

Alex Chejlyk schrieb:
> Hello,
> I am testing SyncKolab 0.6.1 with TB on both Linux (Kubuntu and 
> Debian) and Win XP. The server is Kolab 2.2 RC1.
> When SyncKolab encounters a parsing error, all syncing stops. It would 
> be helpful if the sync would continue after a predetermined amount of 
> time, skipping the 'unparseable' event. Maybe a 30~60 second timeout?
> Thanks for all the work, the extension gets better all the time!
> Cheers,
> Alex C.
Hi Alex,
actually it should continue and skip the events. Only if there is a 
MAJOR problem it breaks or pauses (then just lcick on continue and it 
goes on)
this is important until 1.0 in order to be able to find out problematic 
messages and parse errors.


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