[Synckolab] Mail account not found message

David Leslie david.leslie at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Sep 26 01:57:41 PDT 2007


I love this extension, but have several times had problems with the mail 
account not found message.  The workaround on 
<http://www.gargan.org/extensions/synckolab.html> has fixed it each time 
for me.  However on my latest install (synckolab 0.4.34) I noticed that 
no CalendarFolderPath had been set (I installed only to sync 
addressbook, so didn't tell it to set anything for the task or 
calendar).  Once I had set this folder the bug was fixed.

Incidentally, why is there still such an old (and now incompatible) 
version of the extension when you search on 

Keep up the good work,

David Leslie

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