[Synckolab] Problems

Hans hans at ezpear.com
Sat Oct 27 00:25:55 PDT 2007

I installed newest version of synckolab and lightning and have some 
First machine is linux, I installed and after few problems with sync I 
managed to sync with Imap Courier.
Second machine is windows with the same versions (TH, 
synckolab,lightning) like linux. When I try sync with imap, It start 
sync and in some moment freeze. I guess that it freeze when try create 
(sync) calendars. It sync contacts but without Lists and collected 

Linux - I created few configurations under linux, and when I try remove 
it, it works long time , I'm forced to close it , and it doesn't remove 
Windows - freeze when sync, doesn't sync lists and calendars

Is it possible to sync not all calendars, addresses , but only checked 
calendars and lists?
Is it possible to sync on start and shutdown TH?

Also I think it can be nice way to sync bookmarks in firefox. I'd like 
to know if somebody knows plugin to firefox which can sync bookmarks in 


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