[Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.5.1 available

Alex Chejlyk alex at swiftnetcomputers.biz
Fri Oct 19 15:57:39 PDT 2007


SyncKolab 0.5.1 on TB, Lightning 0.5 - Linux
I too am encountering a problem with the 'Wizard'. After entering a 
display name the next/continue button is disabled.

If you want the error log I will send it.



Michele Petrazzo - Unipex srl wrote:
> Niko Berger wrote:
>> Hi @all,
> Hi,
> I had already SK installed (0.5.0) and after the installation I found
> some problems that now I cannot reproduce, because I reinstall it! :)
> (I'll send you those bugs, when I'll be able to use it!)
> Now, with the new installation, the big that I found, it's that I cannot
> save the first pass of the "wizard" because the "next" button it's
> disabled! Of course I wrote the "Display-name" field.
> Michele
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