[Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.5.1 available

Matthew T. O'Connor matthew at zeut.net
Fri Oct 19 14:15:15 PDT 2007

Niko Berger wrote:
> I just released synckolab 0.5.1 on the update server. It is HIGHLY 
> recommended that all users which use <0.5.0 upgrade to this version 
> since it resolves almost all the old bugs (there are still a few known 
> issues open, but they are being worked at).

I was very excited to hear of the new release and tried it out right 
away.  Unfortunately, I'm still having the problems where contacts never 
actually get deleted from the IMAP server, so when I delete a contact it 
says it's deleting from the server on the first sync, but it doesn't, so 
on the second sync, it's restored to my contact list.

So I uninstalled everything, removed all my synckolab lines from my 
prefs.js removed hdb files and reinstalled kolab, but now I can't get it 
to work, or more specifically, I can get the configuration wizard past 
the first page where it asks for the configuation name, I type something 
in the box and the next button never lights up.


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