[Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.5.1 available

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Fri Oct 19 07:36:07 PDT 2007

Hi @all,

I just released synckolab 0.5.1 on the update server. It is HIGHLY 
recommended that all users which use <0.5.0 upgrade to this version 
since it resolves almost all the old bugs (there are still a few known 
issues open, but they are being worked at).

Make sure you backup your profile directory beforehand, since there have 
been quite a few changes in this version that might result in data loss 
if you configure it wrong (shouldnt happen, but its always a good idea 
to backup your profile directory from time to time :P).

In case you have problems:
- uninstall synckolab
- remove all lines containing synckolab from your prefs.js (in your 
thunderbird profile folder)
- remove all *.hdb files from your profile folder
- install 0.5.1 and configure everything

have fun :)

Here a changelog:
* when informaiton window is hidden the status bar holds the sync status
* added an option to hide the information window on autosync
* fixed problem with all-day calendar entries
* fixed problem with task config
* fixed comparation problem with adressbook
* fixed problem with certain charaters in xml-format (&lt;&gt;&amp;) not 
being correctly decoded
* fixed problem with space in folderpath preventing write on imap
* fixed problem with -, #, [, ] and . in confignames (not allowed any more)
* fixed checking for calendar and wizard
* included code to make sure all messages are downloaded (retested and 
* applied the fix for duplicate entries on full-day events in calendar
* fixed problem with toltec messages (out of memory error)
* updated japanese language properties
* fixed weird behaviour after sync (for good :P)
* enabled todo for sync
* changed behaviour back to kolab message: if you sync with more than 
one client this message might get obsolete if not changed with the content
* fixed task behaviour (was a bug with the new caching)
* added export/import of configuration
* fixed parsing for attachments (now vcard/icals will be found too)
* added Czech translation
* added fix for names of calendars

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