[Synckolab] Mailaccount "not found

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Thu Jun 21 02:29:32 PDT 2007

Dennis Cotellese wrote:
> I am having trouble configuring Sunkolab.  my user name to log into the 
> IMAP server is user at domain.com
> I get Mailaccount "not found!
> The resulting lines in the prefs.js file are
> user_pref("SyncKolab.<rContactConfigName>.ContactFolderPath", 
> "imap://user%40domain.com@imapserver.com/<ContactFolder>");
> where the first @ symbol is replaced with   %40 in both lines
> user_pref("SyncKolab.<rContactConfigName>.ContactFolderPath", 
> "imap://user@imapserver.com/<ContactFolder>");
> user_pref("SyncKolab.<CalendarConfigName>.CalendarFolderPath", 
> "imap://user@imapserver.com/<CalendarFolder>")
> IMAP is working well.
> Is there any way around this?
Hi Dennis,
This is not the problem for the mailaccount not found error. I am using 
a user at domain username myself and it works fine (the %40 is the encoded @).
It has to be something else. Please add the synckolab and thunderbird 
version you use. Try updating to 0.5.0 nightly (from www.gargan.org) and 
if it still does not work maybe write me (directly) your username - so i 
can maybe find out if its a special character.


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