[Synckolab] synkolab and thunderbird address lists

Mal Beaton mal at mbeaton.id.au
Thu Jun 14 15:19:01 PDT 2007

First of all outstanding tool. Great effort

synkolab 0.4.34 and thunderbird 2.0 installed on both linux and windows

My main issue is with lists, under thunderbird you create an address
list, then add addresses to the list.
under sync kolab it hangs when adding to server list (listname)
id		status
<listname>	add to server list <listname>
and it hangs there

I have left it for 12 hours and it is still the same.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Minor issues I encountered
on linux
I had an issue with permissions in .thunderbird/<profile>/synckolab

when it made the directories under it IE contact then the addressbook
it was created with weird permissions (sorry cant remember them of the
top of my head)
I had to chown to me then run again, then chown the next subdir etc

this is now working I havent tried to replicate it

Just thought I would add it incase anyone else has had this problem


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