[Synckolab] Nightly build version broken

Andreas Gungl Andreas.Gungl at osp-dd.de
Tue Jun 12 02:09:32 PDT 2007

Am Monday 11 June 2007 schrieb Niko Berger:
> andreas: please use the nightly and/or the cvs version - its a pain to
> merge from 0.4.34 since quite a lot changed there especially in the
> calendar code (added task support).

The changes are quite simple and only in the routines for the Kolab Event 
XML conversions. I don't think it's difficult to apply them to the latest 
A small patch is attached.
1) It fixes the handling of all-day-events. The fix of André works correct 
only for events created in Lightning, but it leads to a wrong event when 
creating the Kolab XML.
2) It creates the <show-time-as>busy</show-time-as> taag in the Kolab XML if 
no explicite value has been specified before. This should work around the 
Horde problem mentioned by Yasper. However I need to look up the Kolab 
specification as well as the Sunbird code to find out, how the application 
should really work i.e. what the intended behavior is.

> please send me the error you are getting and if this is only in calendar
> or also when syncing the adress book.. i will track back my recent
> changes and fix it..

I get the following error message (in German):
"Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten, da bereits anderweitig auf den Ordner 
zugegriffen wird. Bitte warten Sie solange und probieren es dann erneut."

Any idea at which point to look at?

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