[Synckolab] Calender Sync Version 0.4.34 !

Y.a.s.p.e.r C.a.s.p.e.r komputnik at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 05:33:31 PDT 2007

Hello list,
i am little new to synckolab but very experienced with kolab 2.0, since 
i use it very extensively.
So i am playing around with the version 0.4.34.
After testing various combinations, i get only the lightning version cvs 
0.5.0 and synckolab .4.34 working.
Lightning version 0.3.1 terminates the thunderbird client always with 
"version changed local konfig and is not compatible."
So Version 0.5.0 doen't have the problem.
With version 0.4.34, on install, calender sysnc didn't work. Although i 
disabled task sync, synckolab always wanted to sync and ran into and 
endless loop of  "task config" .!:!::!
After several new installations and configuring out task sync on the 
begining of the installation, the calender sync to kolab 2.0 takes place.
My Windows Client now works.
But there's a problem with the "availability" of the event on the horde 
Ever event is marked as "canceled" but there's no switch on the 
ligthning panel for availability.

So if i change the switch in the horde frontend to busy the xml format 
changes in one thing.

The Tag is: <show-time-as>busy</show-time-as> e.g.
Means on horde, that the event happens.
But this tag is not in the synckolab xml file. So horde uses the default 
value "if not defined" to "canceled".
I think there no automagic way of changing this, or is it ?
In my opinion the lighting plugin has to provide that switch.

Perhaps anyone can tell what can be done to enable this tag.

Kind regards


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