[Synckolab] bug ? appointments disappear

Andre Dietrich andre at dohmanngmbh.de
Tue Jun 5 12:39:30 PDT 2007

Hi Andreas,

I think I found the reasons for both issues. Perhaps you can give me a 
hint to solve them.

1) the reason that an x-day event with "all day" flag gets spanned on 
reading over (x+1) days is in the following lines:

    you save:
    calTools.js:733:    var endDate = event.endDate;
    while you read:
    calTools.js:372:    event.endDate = string2CalDate(s);
                                 event.endDate.day += 1;
    I 've read the kolab format-definition and think it lacks an exakt 
definition of the date-only format.
    is a full day described by

    Start: 20070606    End: 20070607

    or even

    Start: 20070606    End: 20070606 ?

    But in the log I found the "event.endDate.day += 1;" moves the end 
one day to far away:

Parsing an XML event:

Parsed event in ICAL:

Commenting this day addition out seems to solve the bug.

the reason for the second issue, the disappearing of appointments, seems 
to be in the reloading of the imap-boxes. Caused by my VPN-connection to 
my mailserver I sometimes have a reload-latency of about 2 or 3 seconds. 
In the Log I found synckolab seeing only one mail in the imap-folder, 
even if there were two - and so it decided to delete the local 
appointment. The next time synckolab was syncronized, it recovered the 
appointment. So it doesn't matter if they are icals or xmls.
I also recognized, that I am able to move Test-appointments into the 
imap-folder without synckolab recognizing them.
Is it possible to refresh the folders before reading the 'mails' from it 
and to let synckolab wait until Thunderbird finishes refreshing?

I'll have a look for some procedures to call for this function - perhaps 
you have a hint ?

wish your notebook feels better soon :-)


Andreas Gungl wrote:
> Am Monday 04 June 2007 schrieb Andre Dietrich:
>> Hi Niko, hi Andreas,
>> I 'm happy about finding your plugin ! Very useful for imap-users !
>> Thanks!
>> After some testing on the CVS-Version, I've just installed the
>> 0.4.34-Release and think that I've found two bugs:
>> Activities:
>> 1) creating appointment "MEIN TERMIN 1" on 20070606 with "all day"
>> checked. On syncing synckolab files this:
>> Summary: MEIN TERMIN 1
>> Start date: 2007-06-06
>> End date: 2007-06-07
>>     so on next sync the plugin recognizes the wrong dates and tries to
>> correct them - but writes the same.
>> 2) on third sync without changing anything the appointment is DELETED
>> localy ! ... on server it remains.
>> 3) creating appointment "MEIN TERMIN 2" on 20070606 from 00:00 to 01:00.
>> Summary: MEIN TERMIN 2
>> Start date: 2007-06-05T22:00:00Z
>> End date: 2007-06-05T23:00:00Z
>>     on syncing synckolab files this appointment, recognizes "MEIN TERMIN
>> 1" on server and writes it back localy, but now
>>     "MEIN TERMIN 1" lasts two whole days.
>> so I think there are 2 bugs :
>> 1) appointment 1's "End date" should be 2007-06-06
>> 2) the comparison-algorithm seems to be irritated somehow
>> hope these issues could help you.
>> I 'll try to find some solutions, but my knowledge about
>> plugin-development is still very low.
>> My config:
>> Mozilla Thunderbird Win32 (on wine) - Version (20070326)
>> Lightning 0.3.1 (build 2007021403)
>> Sync Kolab 0.4.34 release
>> regards Andre
> André, thanks for testing and for the detailed feedback. Unfortunately my 
> notebook is broken, so it will take some time until I'm able to work on the 
> problems mentioned by you. I hope I can fix both issues soon, though.
> Andreas
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