[Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.4.34 release

Wyatt Tellis wtellis at radiology.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 1 06:49:29 PDT 2007

Andreas Gungl wrote:
> Am Thursday 31 May 2007 schrieb Wyatt Tellis:
>> Hello Niko,
>> I just tried the new version and its starts downloading contacts, but
>> when it says it's writing them to the address book I get the error:
>> Mailaccount "" not found!
>> Please check configuration.
>> I think everything is configured correctly, so I'm not sure what's
>> wrong. I'm using TB w/ CommuniGate. The only error in the
>> javascript console is:
>> Error: syncCalendar.folder has no properties
>> Source File: chrome://synckolab/content/synckolab.js
>> Line: 284
>> I've tried the suggestions on the website with no luck.
> Can you check your settings and try to disable the calendar sync? I had the 
> problem vice versa, i.e. a contacts folder was not available. After 
> checking the settings and disabling the contacts sync, everything was fine.

Looks like my error was related to the calendar sync (the error message 
suggests such). I first enabled calendar sync, ran a sync and then 
disabled it for subsequent syncs. This seems to have fixed the problem. 
Perhaps there's some required setting that only gets written when 
calendar sync is enabled? Now the problem is that the contacts are 
missing a lot of data (emails, phone #'s, addresses, etc).


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