[Synckolab] sync problems with calendar and contacts

Michael McConnell mcconnell at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 26 08:40:40 PDT 2007

Our department recently switched to a linux server running scalix and 
it's been a disaster for me. It does not have offline capability and 
using outlook dies periodically (plus the scalix interface is painfully 
slow with limited capabilities). Thunderbird with Lightning + SyncKolab 
seems like an ideal solution. TB has been working very well for email, 
but I can't get SyncKolab to sync with my Calendar and Contacts folders. 
For Calendar, it sync's the first 698 items but then gets an item with 
id=unknown/status=parsing/content=unknown and freezes (has stopped at 
the same place 3 times). For Contacts, if I choose Personal Folder it 
does nothing (says "synchronizing entries..." but freezes with Message = 
0/0 and status=checking/content=<>). If I choose Collected Addresses, it 
starts to sync but deletes all the contacts on the server (I have to 
cancel out so I don't lose them; when I let it complete on a small 
contact list it did wipe it out!). Any potential help?

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