[Synckolab] SK 0.4.32: Mailaccount ''not found! when trying to sync

Jeff synckolab at aquabolt.com
Wed Apr 18 00:52:40 PDT 2007

Sync Kolab 0.4.32
Thunderbird (20070221)
Lightening 0.3.1

When trying to sync:

  Mailaccount ''not found!
  Please Check configuration

I have tried with just Contact sync, and just Calendar sync, same 
message in both cases.

My configs appear ok - the only thing of interest I note, is that when I 
  examine them again, the tree control that contains the list of 
subscribed IMAP folders does NOT have the folder I chose highlighted any 
more. The folder I have chosen does not contain any spaces in its name.
(data_contacts and data_calendar respectively). The folders exist on the 
IMAP server, and each contain a single test text message.

My IMAP setup is pretty usual, with the tweak that it is over SSL, with 
a server directory of INBOX (pretty common I think) and a personal 
namespace of ".INBOX" (also pretty usual) to remove the redundant INBOX 
folder at the top level.

Any suggestions / fix greatly appreciated.

I am new to Sync Kolab, and was delighted to find it yesterday - I have 
long thought that structured messages in an IMAP store would be a fab 
general solution to this problem. All the issues with shared LDAP 
address books etc. are a nightmare (all mail clients available to me 
fail on the address book update stakes!) and that doesn't even attempt 
to cover server based calendar! I am keeping my fingers crossed for SK 
to succeed!

Regards & thanks,

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