[Synckolab] Thoughts/questions on development directions

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Thu Apr 26 01:36:56 PDT 2007

Nik777 wrote:
> I have a couple of comments/questions regarding the future direction of 
> synckolab:
> 1. Rather than an explicit sync operation, I would like to have my 
> calendar updated automatically as new entries are posted to the server. 
> Ie, in the same way that email is already handled. Basically, I don't 
> want my users to be required to click the synckolab button. New 
> appointments and meetings should just appear, and a notification 
> graphic/image alert them to this fact.
> Is such an approach being considered?
For calendar this could be implemented, but its not planned right now - 
one of the reasons being, that I want the whole sync process 100% stable 
first. It shouldnt be hard to implement it that way after that.
> 2. Has anyone looked at using syncML for some or all of the sync processing?
> I have downloaded the Sync4J (now Funambol) adaptor for Kolab, and am 
> hoping to enable our PDA users to sync with this.
> Instead of writing a sync engine and conversion routines for handling 
> Kolab internal formats, would it be simpler and more robust to hook up 
> to such a syncML server?
> That way synckolab could focus solely on the specifics of interfacing 
> Thunderbird to the server without having to handle all the data 
> conversions and the sync logic.
Afaik the syncml server isnt quite as  stable itself yet (might be wrong 
doh) - on the other hand: by doing it the way its done right now, 
synckolab can work without ANY server component at all (except imap) for 
syncing - good for people who dont need a whole collaboration structure 
but just want a few machines in sync. Plus I can easily add fix code for 
certain quirks and features that kolab and/or functions in thunderbird 
have (ie. support for mailing lists or fields that are non-standard).


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