[Synckolab] Thoughts/questions on development directions

Nik777 kolab at babel.homelinux.net
Wed Apr 25 23:05:53 PDT 2007

Hi All,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on how well synckolab waorks already at 
this relatively early stage. I've only just started using this, although 
I first downloaded it more than a year ago.

I've just synched my addressbook and calendar with my server for the 
first time, and will shortly be testing with shared addressbook and 

I have a couple of comments/questions regarding the future direction of 

1. Rather than an explicit sync operation, I would like to have my 
calendar updated automatically as new entries are posted to the server. 
Ie, in the same way that email is already handled. Basically, I don't 
want my users to be required to click the synckolab button. New 
appointments and meetings should just appear, and a notification 
graphic/image alert them to this fact.
Is such an approach being considered?

2. Has anyone looked at using syncML for some or all of the sync processing?
I have downloaded the Sync4J (now Funambol) adaptor for Kolab, and am 
hoping to enable our PDA users to sync with this.
Instead of writing a sync engine and conversion routines for handling 
Kolab internal formats, would it be simpler and more robust to hook up 
to such a syncML server?
That way synckolab could focus solely on the specifics of interfacing 
Thunderbird to the server without having to handle all the data 
conversions and the sync logic.

Thoughts anyone?

Once again, thanks for what already promises to be a major step forward 
for my users,  which hopefully continues to evolve as it has to date.


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