[Synckolab] SK 0.4.32: Mailaccount ''not found! when trying to sync

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Thu Apr 19 02:32:31 PDT 2007

Jeff wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Running on WinXP SP2
>    Sync Kolab 0.4.32
>    Thunderbird (20070221)
>    Lightening 0.3.1
> When trying to sync:
>   Mailaccount ''not found!
>   Please Check configuration
> I have tried with just Contact sync, and just Calendar sync, same
> message in both cases.
> My configs appear ok - the only thing of interest I note, is that when I
>   examine them again, the tree control that contains the list of
> subscribed IMAP folders does NOT have the folder I chose highlighted any
> more. The folder I have chosen does not contain any spaces in its name.
> (data_contacts and data_calendar respectively). The folders exist on the
> IMAP server, and each contain a single test text message.
> My IMAP setup is pretty usual, with the tweak that it is over SSL, with
> a server directory of INBOX (pretty common I think) and a personal
> namespace of ".INBOX" (also pretty usual) to remove the redundant INBOX
> folder at the top level.
> Any suggestions / fix greatly appreciated.
> I am new to Sync Kolab, and was delighted to find it yesterday - I have
> long thought that structured messages in an IMAP store would be a fab
> general solution to this problem. All the issues with shared LDAP
> address books etc. are a nightmare (all mail clients available to me
> fail on the address book update stakes!) and that doesn't even attempt
> to cover server based calendar! I am keeping my fingers crossed for SK
> to succeed!
> Regards & thanks,
> Jeff
This problem seems to come for some users... Most with this problem 
could work around as described on 

If you get the "Mailaccount not found"-message please try one of the 
following solutions and drop a line to synckolab(q)mozdev.org mailing list:

   1. Make sure you got a working imap connection
   2. delete ALL configruation lines with synckolab out of your prefs.js
      (make sure that thunderbird is closed before doing so)
   3. Try setting up synkolab agian...
   4. If that did not work check your prefs.js if following lines are
      present (if not add them):

      ser_pref("SyncKolab.<ContactConfigName>.ContactFolderPath", "imap://user@imapserver.com/<ContactFolder>");
      user_pref("SyncKolab.<CalendarConfigName>.CalendarFolderPath", "imap://user@imapserver.com/<CalendarFolder>"); 

   5. If it still did not work please check for any messages in your
      javascript console and report to the mailing list

Do you have any  spaces/unusual characters in the path?


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