[Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.4.32

Achim Schaefer achim_schaefer at gmx.de
Tue Apr 3 21:53:26 PDT 2007


I never solved this problem, that is why I'm not using the extension
till now.
But I gave it another try with this version.

I configured the extension.
But every time I reopen the options dialog, the folder I tried to
configure is not selected any more.

Now pressing on the Sync Kolab button, gives me an error:
Mailaccount ''not found!
Please check configuration

This is my config screen before pressing OK:

And the entries from prefs.js:
user_pref("SyncKolab.AddressBookConfigs", "Personal;");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.AddressBook", "abook.mab");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.AddressBookFormat", "Xml");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.Calendar", "Home");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.CalendarFormat", "Xml");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.saveToCalendarImap", true);
user_pref("SyncKolab.Calendar.saveToContactImap", false);
user_pref("SyncKolab.CalendarConfigs", "Calendar;");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Personal.AddressBook", "abook.mab");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Personal.AddressBookFormat", "Xml");
user_pref("SyncKolab.Personal.saveToContactImap", true);
user_pref("SyncKolab.closeWindow", false);
user_pref("SyncKolab.syncCalendar", false);
user_pref("SyncKolab.syncContacts", true);

Thanks for your help.


Niko Berger wrote:
> Hi @all,
> I finally found time to include the refactoring of the code that was 
> sitting in my home dir for far too long :)
> This should make a lot of you really happy since it should make the 
> whole sync process way more stable.
>  - New local database format: all contacts/adresses are written in their
>     original format (xml/vcard/ical) in the profile folder. You can 
> easily backup
>     them there (nackup/restore functionality in one of the next versions)
>     Additionally: fields that are only available in other lcients than 
> synckolab will be preserved
>     as long as no local change is done
>  - fixed comparing in contacts
>  - fix for primary/secondary email address
>  - added debug levels (thanks to andreas gungl)
>  - automatic discovery if files are xml/vcard: now you can
>     have mixed folders and synckolab will be able to read them
>  - reduced complexity of code
>  - added locale settings (english an german - if you want to translate 
> into your language feel free to submit the dtd (you can find the 
> originials in your
> extensiond/{571CFACF-0F7D-49b4-BD77-E6FC7B209ADC}/chrome/content/synckolab/locale 
> directory)
> I highly recommend that you update your synckolab to this version. As 
> usual you can get this update from www.gargan.org or through the update 
> function. I will submit this version to mozdev once a few of you can 
> confirm that it stable.
> If anyone wants to help out with the localisation - please be my guest.

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