[Synckolab] All my contacts have been deleted while sync process!

Niko Berger niko.berger at corinis.com
Tue Apr 3 06:23:20 PDT 2007

Konrad Hammerer wrote:
> Already tried this, but it says "unknown parsing unknown" for each mail!
> No, no idea. I just configured it and pressed the sync button twice. 
> first run was ok, second run -> everything was gone :-( What can I check 
> to track this down?
> Thanks,
> Konrad
> Niko Berger schrieb:
>> Konrad Hammerer wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I tried the latest version synckolab 0.4.31 and configured it to sync my 
>>> contacts via an IMAP folder. I started the sync process twice without 
>>> changing anything on the same T-Bird installation just to see what's 
>>> happening and now my address book is empty!!! The first sync process 
>>> took some time and 224 mails were created. The second was pretty fast 
>>> and everything was deleted?!? I still have all 224 mails in my IMAP 
>>> folder. And in the abook.mab file there are still all entries but T-Bird 
>>> doesn't show them any more! Is there a way to restore my contacts?
>>> Best,
>>> Kornad
>>> _______________________________________________
>> Hi,
>> One thing you can try is create a NEW configuration within synckolab and 
>> sync with a new adress book. Since the contacts are still available as 
>> mail folders this should put them all back in order.
>> Do you have any idea what could have happened? did you change settings 
>> before sync?
>> Niko
Parsing errors normally occur when you chose the wrong format (xml vs. 
vcard) - this might also be the original problem why your contacts 

I will include a automatic check for the format in the next release 
(will be l8er today)


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