[Synckolab] Calendar sync error

Andreas Gungl Andreas.Gungl at osp-dd.de
Tue Apr 3 03:29:56 PDT 2007

Niko Berger schrieb:
> Tisha Stacey wrote:
>> I just upgraded to synckolab 0.4.31, and the calendar sync has stopped working for me.  I get a pop-up alert that says "Please select a calendar as sync target before trying to synchronize."  I confirmed that my synckolab settings were sane, and I also tried creating a new calendar and synching with that, but the results were the same.
>> Here are the messages from the JavaScript console (server name removed):
>> - Calendar available
>> - got folder: 'imap://tstacey@imap.XXXXXX/INBOX'
>> - Calendar: got calendar: undefined
>>   Message folder:  imap-message://tstacey@imap.XXXXXX/INBOX/zzz-Calendar
>> - parseFolderToAddressFinish
>> - updating content:
>> - starting update content...
>> - next update...
>> - done update...
>> (Also, I'm using Lightning version 0.3.1 and Thunderbird
>> Thanks.
>> - Tisha
> I will investigate in this. I had to make a few changes in the calendar 
> selection to work with lightning 0.3.1 and to avoid a few bugs. Maybe 
> someone else can confirm this problem.
> Niko


the problem with the calendar sync is in synckolab.js around line 255. 
The code should be changed from the IF construct to simply:

   syncCalendar.init2(getContent, syncCalendar);
   window.setTimeout(getContent, SWITCH_TIME, syncCalendar);		

I've also come across another problem during the sync process. If an 
event has been updated on the server, the local modification can trigger 
an alarm. This will lead to an aborted sync process. I've fixed that 
already on my local copy of Synckolab. A patch will be sent to Niko.

A major problem is IMO that if by whatever reason all events on a server 
are considered new, it's a hard job to answer all the dialogs with Yes 
or No. I'd prefer to have additional choices to take all events from 
server or from local without further questions.

Best regards,

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