[Synckolab] All my contacts have been deleted while sync process!

Konrad Hammerer konrad.hammerer at tesis.de
Tue Apr 3 01:53:14 PDT 2007


I tried the latest version synckolab 0.4.31 and configured it to sync my 
contacts via an IMAP folder. I started the sync process twice without 
changing anything on the same T-Bird installation just to see what's 
happening and now my address book is empty!!! The first sync process 
took some time and 224 mails were created. The second was pretty fast 
and everything was deleted?!? I still have all 224 mails in my IMAP 
folder. And in the abook.mab file there are still all entries but T-Bird 
doesn't show them any more! Is there a way to restore my contacts?


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